• Beheerder van de reis: Jan Venema
  • Bestemming: Arizona
  • Titel: Grand Canyon
  • Soort reis: Camperreis
  • Reisdoel: Vakantie met partner
  • Periode: 19-06-2017 tot 06-07-2017
  • Reisomschrijving:

    Temperatures in Havasu Lake were scorching....49 degrees.some have baptized the place " hell on earth"! We could not agree more!We arrived at two in the afternoon and we made it to the swimming pool (which was close by) around 7 p.m.The water was warm also which was not surprising at all.
    But we enjoyed the spectacular sunset which set the whole lake ablaze while the jet skis fans raced back and forth.
    We can only be short about this place....don't go there unless necessary.
    We arrived at Grand Canyon yesterday at 2 p.m.It was a long way which took us along the Route 66 .A few brave moto riders defied the ongoing excessive heat which by the way will continue until next friday. Jan had his moment when we stopped at the museum full of collecter's items from the fifties en sixties.
    Finally we will now cut a long story short and let you share with us some views of the magnificent Grand Canyon.
    This morning at 8 o'clock we flew 20 Minutes above the Grand Canyon in a helicopter. Only then one could see the huge and steep Canyon in all its glory.
    Nancy sat next to the pilot and had the best seat on board.From high up we had a glimpse of the Colorado river.
    One disturbing note though .....there is no wifi at the camping where we staying!Jean Christophe and Emilie drove all the way from Tucson to join us and we spent a cosy afternoon & evening together.We ended taking pictures of the Grand Canyon till late before dark.
    This morning we are off to Monument Valley.