• Beheerder van de reis: Jan Venema
  • Bestemming: Nevada
  • Titel: Reis door Nevada en California
  • Reisdoel: Vakantie met partner
  • Periode: 30-06-2017 tot 04-07-2017
  • Reisomschrijving:

    Leaving Las Vegas was no big deal because we knew that we still had Those last few days we have travelled long distances to visit 4 national parks. They are all very different from one another but the sceneries are all so unique and magnificent.The 1st two parks have been deeply carved by the Colorado and Green rivers yielding such impressive giant cliffs.Bryce Canyon partly ( made out of limestone) has also been subject to deep erosion due to nature elements.But the results gave way to particular sculptures which look like colorful lace.
    Zion National Park can be reached through 2 long tunnels .
    We enjoyed all those parks but our stay proved to be much too short as we spent but 2 nights at every camping.
    The relentless heat and the steep topography specially at Zion National Park made it difficult to hike a long distance.
    We were amazed to see so many young families hiking with their young kid ( even with wbabies on their back)We could not help smiling when we heard how those parents kept stimulating the young ones to keep on walking for their own good.
    Well for a change we head today to Las Vegas where we will stay overnight. Short but sweet!2 regions to explore which are Mammoth Lakes and Yosemite.We set out early in the morning( no sleep outs those past few weeks!)on a tedious long trip through Death Valley National Park but one which proved very rewarding as we drove through this arid region made out of solid rocks and sands.We stepped out of the camper just to experience the desert heat at our own risks for a few minutes....incredibly hot of course!
    Suddenly out of nowhere a village called Furnace Creek invites us to stop by at its inn.The whole village is surrounded by palm trees and presented itself as an oasis in the middle of the desert.Death Valley is a tough and impressive piece of landscape where one would not wish to lose one's way.It took us approx.4 hours to cross the desert.
    After the blazing heat of Death Valley we continued up north towards green pastures,deep blue lakes and high snowy mountaintops.
    We reached Mammoth Lakes late in the afternoon after a 9 hour drive.we were exhausted but glad that we and the camper had made it!we had left the desert heat behind us but still could enjoy sunny blue skies & normal summer temperatures of 27 degrees.Mamoth Lakes is a dainty little village which is very popular to winter sports fans.We enjoyed walking around the icy Lakes of Mammoth & now and then Jan dipped his toes in the melting snow.

    To reach Yosemite National Park we went through the Tiago mountain pass 3,000 m high which is a shorter way and a most beautiful road along breathtaking mountain views ranging from melting frozen lakes, waterfalls,green meadows to scattered huge boulders(remnants of the ice age.)
    Today we hiked along the river and this afternoon we slow down to recover from this long trip Las Vegas to Yosemite.

    Tomorrow we head to the last camping before San Francisco from where we will fly back home .Ciao everybody!

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